Friday, May 25, 2007

.:. can't wait .:.

DeQ coming back tomorrow night.
we all miss her.
can't wait to fetch her.

meeting my beauteous this coming monday for dinner.
miss them, can't wait.

can't wait going back to school.
studious, bookish, bookworm and busy.

can't wait to watch Pirates of Caribbean.
At World's End.
Johny Depp the beau.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

off she goes to PERTH

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yesterday night we sent her. flight at 1.20am. checked in at 12am.
miss her already!!! alhamdulillah, she reached her destination safe and sound.
she message me this morning at 6.50am. take care DeQ~

this afternoon went to tan tock seng hospital with ayah and ibu. visit wak wadi.
sudden stroke and coma attacked. according to doctor, its critical.
nothing much can be done. it's all matter of time.
kita hanya dapat doakan yang terbaik untuknya. dan redha.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

best shots

natural, candid, best shots and edit.
taken on Mother's day last sunday.

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view more? visit my multiply page ayte... do place some comments. thanks!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

7th month in 2007

number seven "7". I guess its a lucky number for this year. I just notice that July is also known as the BONUS month for us the civil servants. money will be credit into my account - begining of the month and mid too... wow~~ weeEEeee!!! ching~ ching~
my parents had received the letter from the CPF board (GST offset). already done for them through online minutes ago. but where's mine & adeq's? hmmm..... probably today. later. if not......... aku memberontak~~!!!! hehe....
and July would be a Nasi Minyak Feast for me. noted, practically every weekends I have a wedding/engagement to attend....

currently I have been watching this malay drama - without miss! considering hunky Fahrin Ahmad the main cast, charming guy. tall... dark... handsome...haiz~~~ and so the theme song has been like playing & stuck in my brain. very old school, classic song. by an indonesian singer, DWEN his name. very schmaltzy, sentimental & emotional song. the lyrics below....

Kau yang ku sayang
Dari dulu, kini dan selama-lamanya
Sebelum kenal dirimu
Sebelum jumpa dirimu
Kau sering datang dalam mimpiku

Kata hatiku
Selalu membisik kau adalah milikku
Biar lama pun kutunggu
Saat kedewasaanmu
Daku tak pernah jemu menantimu

Disaat ku sendiri
Ku bayangkan wajahmu
Terkadang ku berilusi
Tentang dikau dan aku

Ku harapkan semua ini
Esok kan jadi kenyataan
Dan aku berjanji
Kan ku bahagiakan dirimu selamanya

Kuharapkan semua ini
Akan segera terjadi
Dan semoga nanti
Bukan hanya sekadar impian belaka

who shall I serenade this song to?! anyone?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I know He saw me,
it was obvious.
He turned around and walked away.

He brought me in and He resigned then,
not even once He seems to appear.
He thanked me through messages He can,
and that's that all I could hear.

it's not attention I asked for,
simply courtesy, sincere appreciation comes from Him.

but anyway,
may euphoria be with Him always.
be indebted and bless for He,
shared and directed me.

hopefully through these deeds that I've contribute,
in one way or another
ballyhoo me...
in our next world....

show me the MONEY~!

we'll receive money again on 1st July...heh~!
watch news yesterday? regarding GST offset package? NO?!
oh well you are not too late to know more about it, especially when it concern money $$$ Ching~ Ching~!
visit to
remember not to miss the deadlines...
we'll receive this GST credits for conservative 4 years okay~
so quick start signing up using ATMs/online - easiest way for me.....

I'll upload the Mother's Day pics soon... sorry cuzzies~!
check out my multiply ok?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

12th evry mth, $$$

I suppose today is the happiest day for all civil servants. why? well indeed, we received again the performance bonus(PB). normally its once a year, in March, but provided you are being graded C and above, based on your work review & development. and I heard this year would be the last year, hmmm... not sure about that.

we were excited about the pay raised for this month, but instead we were surprised with the PB of 0.5 that is the net salary plus 50% of your gross salary(minus 20% of course for the CPF.. ish!) Lumayan kan~~~ hehe... inilah untungnya kerja dengan gobermen... I suppose the reason why they raise our pay basically of the GST coming in July. ultimately there's nothing to be glad of. like my mum said, " besar periuk besar lagi keraknya... yang penting biarpun sikit tapi berkat tu ade... berkat yang kita nak... " true enough....

it's sad to hear people(around me) who are married decided to go separate ways. some are young, less than 5 yrs and some already more den 10yrs married. I can't comment, only listen. but on the whole, they mention the same line, " takdir~ dah takde jodoh... " sad very sad...

and what a coincidence, yesterday, friday night, as usual had my religious class. Ustazah Habsah touched on how easily people point finger at FATE (takdir). she said, " jodoh bukan datang dengan sendiri... kita/manusia yang sebenarnye menentukan... kita diberi AKAL untuk BERFIKIR, dan HATI untuk MEMILIH... suatu kebaikan yang datang pada diri kita adalah takdir yang diberi oleh Allah... tapi keburukkan yang datang pada diri kita adalah atas pilihan/kesilapan diri kita sendiri... melainkan ajal dan maut, itu ketentuanNya... selain dari itu kita yang corak perjalanan hidup kita... "

" Tuhan tidak akan mengubah nasib seseorang manusia itu, melainkan manusia itu sendiri yang mengubah nasibnya... "

" Tiada manusia yang merancang untuk gagal, tapi manusia selalunya gagal untuk merancang..."

p/s: I wanna take part in DeaL or No DeaL... $$$~!!!!!

Saturday, May 05, 2007


the flight is delay...
from 11.40am to 2.40pm, then to 4.30pm...
doesn't matter what the time would be, we pray that their fly back to singapore would be a safe one...