Monday, May 31, 2004


Haisyh..What a day..Monday blues..had a terrible stomach cramp today..eerrghh!! cant stand this f***in crampzzz..was suppose to visit my colleague today..but..ergh~say no more…

Nothing much was done at work..was doing scanning all the way today..out of 8 hours..about 4 hours sitting in front of the computer and the rest..hehehe..ssshhh cannot tell ;)

Oh yeah..just finished emailing Boy.. I seriously believed that he’s one of the policeman in the crime watch advert last Saturday…well if its true..hahaha..he’s soooo chubby...can see he put on weight especially on his face..sooo obvious…Anyway had been seeing his clone everywhere I go lately… that a sign? Hahaha..what the hell…saw one in the bus on my way home today…looks like Boy from the side…but he’s a Chinese guy…

By the way..listening to Neng Nyno final mega perdana 2002 now..another Boy’s look alike..but Didi more good looking lah..listening to his voice now..aaaaaa..I’m melting..hahaha..oh Boy gonna kill me if I said this in front of him...don’t know why he just hate it when people said they look alike..hahaha..wateva~ Hmmm..kinda miss both of them..hope they are doing part..both are now in police (ns)hahaha…cant separate this “twins” hahaha…

Guess that’s that for today…Khalifah..khalifah..khalifah…ha..ha..ha.. c”,)

Sunday, May 30, 2004


Sunday, half an hour time its midnite. Still chattin wif zainab, and wait for our dear noli,don't know where she goes.

Anyway nothing interesting..was discussing about guys again with zainab n noli..n my cuz too. My sis here non stop chattin on the phone..just now was with her bf..and now with her best fren shida..yak yak yak..

A guy by the name of Riez juz msg me good night...he said he cant sleep even the lights are off..he sent me his mms pic posing with his guitar. I told him to count sheep..hahaha...

Its great to keep in touch with primary school friends. I was chatting with Saiddhin just now.

I just dont know why and what is wrong with me lately. It's this feeling that i cant explain....its all the matter of heart..k then that's all for today..TeRRa!!