Wednesday, September 22, 2004

3 monTHs LONG?!

Wow!! its eactly 3 mths i didnt update this blog..gosh..wat hav i done fer tis 3 mths? lots of things happened..happy ones, sweet ones, sad ones..indescribeable,unexplainable,pretty awesome though but at d same time heart pain too lah..hehehee..haiz~

Anyway despite of all tt..i shld say "I WILL SURVIVE" ~I've got all my life to live n I've got all my love to give~ yeah!! shld i note it in here wats wrong wif me lately? or wat happend actually? nah~ i don think its appropriate to enclose it here yet..meanwhile i'll juz take note in manual diary..hahahaa..

Gosh..i juz dunno how exactly i feel..happy? yes i am happy indeed surrounded wif my family,dear cuzzies,lovely n happening colleagues b it in school or in pruden..but still there is tis particular thing or shall i rather say a particular person tt keeps on haunting me..haiz~

Fancy..fantasized..tts wat i normally do..should i stop? HELP!!HELP!!

p/s:help me if u do read tis~